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senior citizen fitness classes in Cheltenham Area

Referrals to services are currently  on Zoom, or by telephone.

Trish welcomes referrals to all her services, she is qualified in cardiac rehabilitation, postural stability, exercise after stroke, exercises with osteoporosis, GP referrals.

Trish has used her passion for evidence based research to enhance her academic knowledge, which she combines with her practical experience of over 30 years working with older adults to produce programmes that work.

Staff training

As an experienced trainer Trish can deliver staff training that focuses on how staff can motivate older adults to become more active in safe and effective ways.

Carers – inspiring carers to empower their clients to take small steps to maintain or improve their fitness, through everyday movements.

Taster sessions – in any area of fitness appropriate to the older adult

Talks – Educational and motivational all about inspiring older adults to take action and improve their fitness. Different focuses include: Balance the circle of life; Strength in Life; Bone loading for Osteoporosis.

Workshops – Bone loading exercises; Turn some everyday movements into strength exercises; Floor freedom – getting down and up from the floor.

Regular classesseniors exercise class in Cheltenham Area

Strength & Balance classes based on Otago and Postural Stability content.

Heart classes based on Phase IV BACPR content

Home based exercise

Trish can ensure that the Otago home based exercises are being completed with good technique and progression.