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Why Strength training?

Don’t let the normal decrease in strength stop you from doing what you want to do.  Strength training is simple and effective and it works.

Just spending around 20 minutes three times a week, you could turn back the clock and have the strength you had 20 years ago.

Get results fast, within weeks you will feel the benefits of an increase in strength.  There are no age limits, research shows people in their mid-nineties can massively improve. Reverse the downward spiral of doing less.

Evidence shows that an improvement in strength will also increase your walking speed and improve your stair climbing.


personal trainer in Cheltenham AreaWhy Balance training?

“Well Balanced”

Everyone has a comfort circle of balance around them, within which they feel confident. However due to various reasons such as having a fall or trip, stiffening hips or knees, overweight, injury or illness, our comfort zone of balance can become smaller. We find ourselves doing less and less to stay within our circle which in turn means our circle gets smaller and smaller.

I introduce exercises and strategies we can use to gradually expand our circle of confidence. Doing challenging dynamic balance exercises with a professional instructor is a safe and effective way to improve your balance. In my classes it’s good to sway, wobble and stumble it shows we are training our balance and stepping outside our comfort zone.



You’ll gain great results

I have more energy now than I used to, and the activities I was starting to struggle with, now seem easier.

Marlene aged 76


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