Coming with a scientific and research background Trish has a passion to turn what we know from research into evidence-based practice.  People are entitled to safe and effective exercise that produce results.

In particular Trish Tenn is on a mission to get the message out about strength training for older people. As she sees this type of training as a missing link in most older people’s activity and has witnessed hundreds of people enjoying amazing results.

With life expectancy increasing we have more  ‘life to live’.  But will we be fit enough to enjoy it? It wasn’t the norm for people to do fitness training in their later years but better public health and medicine allow our bodies to last longer.   We need strong muscles, mobile joints and good balance to keep fulfilling our potential.

Trish’s life has always been about health and fitness. On leaving school as a top sportswoman she successfully completed one of the first Sports Science Degrees in the country graduating in 1984. For the last 35 years, she has continued to expand her academic knowledge, fitness qualifications and practical experience to become one of the leading-edge professionals in her field.

Academic Qualifications: Master’s Degree MSc Physical Activity and Health Development (University of Gloucestershire 2016)

Fitness Qualifications include Level 4 specialist exercise instructor (currently the highest level in the UK). British Cardiac Prevention & Rehabilitation, Phase IV instructor; Postural Stability Instructor (LaterLifeTraining); Exercises after Stroke (LaterLIfeTraining); Osteoporosis ; GP referral;

Speaking Experience: National conference speaker. Leads lively interactive sessions with hundreds of local groups.

Sporting Achievements: Represented GB in women’s Olympic weightlifting for 10 years, including three times British Champion in the early 1990s.