Trish Tenn

I am a Personal Coach who believes transformation can happen at any age.

I became the over sixty women’s weightlifting world record holder in 2023.

My journey to achieving this level of success helps me support anyone who feels that they have more to offer.

I have a passion for keeping bodies and minds strong and healthy

Personal Transformation

I can help you to change your behaviours in small but meaningful ways to be stronger and fitter than you ever thought possible. 

It’s Never too Late to Start

I started weight training again after a 20 year break and was amazed how fast I could improve my performance by just being consistent and having a great coach to help me reach my goals.

Inner Strength and Self Belief

One of the key aspects of my approach is to help you find your hidden potential by working with you to understand your fears and opportunities for personal growth 

There’s Strength in Community

Providing a supportive environment for people who are seeking to achieve their goals is part of my mission, which includes an online community or group coaching.

Strength and Fitness for EVERY BODY

Every body is capable of changing their health and fitness at any stage in their life from wherever they feel physically past their prime. Small changes can lead to significant improvements in energy levels and performance.


I’m particularly passionate about helping women who have lacked the self belief to be themselves and doubt their own ability to be strong and confident.

“You’re never too old to chase your dreams.”