Are you struggling to keep fit?

Look no further. Trish offers weekly classes, online and in-person, that are safe and effective. Trish is an advanced specialist tutor with over 30 years of teaching experience. Click here to learn more about the Healthy Hearts and Strength and Balance Classes Trish offers.

We know that being fitter has a powerful impact on one’s individual health journey.

Looking for inspiration?

Trish Tenn is an engaging workshop leader with public speaking experience and a love for inspiring people from start to finish in their fitness journey.

The Feminine Way to Fitness is a transformational workshop designed to help you fall in love with fitness. To find out more click here.


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Some of My Wonderful Clients

“I am absolutely certain that without you, my physical problems would be much worse.  For all your help I am truly grateful.”

“I cannot speak too highly of our Adviser whose cheerful, enthusiastic and positive approach encourages us all. I have already benefitted in several ways, improving my strength and balance in specific areas. The floor freedom technique without a chair means that I can get up confidently without assistance from chairs or others.”

“I have been coming to the classes for one year now, I feel so good with my legs and myself these days even my family have said how well I walk and look good. Thanks to my instructor Trish Tenn, I have a changed life now and stand for myself.”

“Since coming to your classes I can now walk and carry a cup of tea.  I had my friends over and impressed them by carrying a tray of tea from the kitchen to the front room.”